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Abs Workout – The Ultimate Guide

An abs workout should be a part of most individual’s normal exercise routine, and professionals state that doing the abs exercise workout should be performed three times weekly. Some people prefer to use ab machines, but you can also simply use your own body and the following routine. getabsafter40 Once you incorporate these work outs with regular cardio and a proper diet, you will notice an improvement as your ab muscles become more defined and lean. You may want to change up your program doing certain exercises one day and others the next in order to keep things fresh and you motivated.

1. Leg Lifts

This is definitely the traditional lower mid-section workout. Lay lying on your back with the hands at your sides, Raise your heels off the ground utilizing your lower abs. Lift up your heels an inch, then lower them, but do not let them contact the floor.

2. Combination Crunches and Leg Lifts

This motion is a bit more difficult, but extremely effective in working both lower and upper ab muscles. Lay on your back and raise your heels about three inches from the floor. Without lowering your heels towards floor, lift up your left knee and elevate your torso in a crunch style. Extend your left lower-leg and lower your upper body. Make sure you do not let your heels contact the ground. Now extend your right leg and lift your chest in crunch form, then straighten your right leg while bringing down your upper body.

3. Bent Leg Crunches

Lie on your back with the legs in a ninety degree angle, knees somewhat bent and ankles crossed. You need the feet aimed at the ceiling, and after that lower your legs until you notice the strain in your lower abdominal muscles. This can be an excellent lower abs workout. Position both hands behind the head to support your neck and lift your torso off the floor. Lower your upper body slightly, then raise again.

4. Pelvic Lifts

Lay face up placing your arms at the sides, hands down and your hip and legs in a ninety degree angle, and the feet directed at the roof. Flex your knees slightly and cross your ankles. Raise the hips just like you are pushing your toes in the direction of the ceiling. Use your lower ab muscles while you complete the move.

These exercise moves are certainly going to push you to work hard. If you don’t feel your lower abdominal muscles working as you do these exercises, then you will need to check your form because you most likely aren’t doing them correctly.

Some people consistently do their abs workout every day, plus they might have been performing these workouts for many years, and they still do not possess a toned stomach. Some professionals say that it is not in everyone’s family genes to have a flat tummy, and therefore no amount of physical exercise or abs exercise can help if that is the situation. They assert that considerably more essential than an abs workout is the total amount of calories that an individual consumes every day.

Aside from the abs exercises your daily eating routine will have an extremely significant role with your journey to obtain the hard six pack abs that you always dream of. Without the proper diet plan, it might be harder to burn all of the calories which you have consumed and that excess will make up the body fat which will cover your abs, hiding the muscle definition that you would like. In terms of getting rid of unwanted belly fat, eliminating as much salt, trans fat, and carbohydrates will be the first order of company. On the other hand, you will need to consume lots of lean meat, fish, and fresh produce. If you consistently eat a balanced diet and follow your abs workout plan, you should be able to meet your goals of achieving that washboard stomach.

Anthony Matthews is a professional product reviewer and fitness professional. He has written hundreds of reviews and knows the importance of utilising effective exercise equipment.